Does your business need a NEW Website? 

We live in a digital world. Research has shown that the far majority of people (over 85%) look businesses up online before engaging in-person. For most people, Google is the first place they go to when they need a new Hairdresser, Doctor, Physiotherapist, Plumber, Gardener ... or when they are looking for a specific product. Therefore, it's more important than ever for businesses to have a strong online presence that makes the business look successful, skilled, experienced and, most importantly, trustworthy. 

Not having a website, or having an outdated one, can be the one thing that makes a potential new customer choose a competitor instead of your business. 


There are many digital agencies that have very talented people and build amazing, unique and sophisticated websites - and charge accordingly for them. The thing is, many small businesses don't need or want a fully custom-designed website. And even if they did, they often don't have the budget for it. 


The solution Is A website template builder like Squarespace

I built beautiful websites using Squarespace templates (learn more about Squarespace at the bottom of this page). That means, I don't need to spend hours setting up the framework, designing page layouts and making pages mobile responsive. Instead I can focus on creating the right look and feel for the individual business - at a fraction of the time and cost of a fully customised website. 

Some examples of website I've build (click the names to view the sites):


Cost Estimates

Below is an overview of what I expect to charge for different types of websites. These are estimates only. Please contact me to have a conversation about your website and to request a quote. 


  • What you get: A simple but beautiful 1 or 2-page website to introduce your business and products/services
  • Perfect for: Small and medium-size businesses that just need a simple website to make sure customers can find them online and learn about the business and products/services.
  • Price Estimate:*
    • Brand and Content provided by client:** $400
    • Client needs help with brand and content: $500 - $1,200


  • What you get: A more content rich website with up to 6 main pages/sections and some customisation
  • Perfect for: Businesses that want a more content-rich website, including product details, a blog, newsletter sign-up forms, a page about the team and/or other content
  • Price Estimate:*
    • Brand and Content provided by client:** $1,200
    • Client needs help with brand and content: $1,500 - $3,000


  • What you get: A simple or more complext website with the ability to accept orders directly through the website
  • Perfect for: Small product businesses, especially those who are just getting started and want to test interest before investing into a sophisticated online shop
  • Price Estimate:*
    • Brand and Content provided by client:** $750 - $2,000
    • Client needs help with brand and content: $800 - $3,500


  • What you get: A custom designed, sophisticated website with a larger number of sections and pages and a unique look and feel
  • Perfect for: Larger business and/or those who have custom requirements such as a member login areas,interactive elements or want a unique look and feel
  • Price Estimate:*
    • Pricing to be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me to get a price estimate for your website

* Prices do not include the Squarespace subscription ($12-$18/month) and the cost of a domain (usually around $20/year).

**Brand & Content:

A significant part of creating a website that not only looks good but also adds value to the business is having the right content and clear brand guidelines.

  • Content:

    • Text that will be used on your website including the description of your business, details about your products and team, etc.

    • Images to be used on the site

  • Brand:

    • Brand assets like your logo in high resolution, any icons and other visuals that define your business and products

    • Guidelines that define what your brand (business) should look and feel like. They include things like what colours and fonts to use, how to use the logo, how to spell key brand names and terms and much more.

In many cases I help clients develop or refine their content and brand as part of the website development (I did so for all examples given above). However, I'm also more than happy to work with existing content and brand guidelines if you already have these ready to go or have someone else who will do this part. 


Talk to me about your website project

Get in touch with me to have a conversation about your website and get a cost estimate.

The Pros and Cons of Squarespace websites

As everything in live, choosing to build a website on a platform like Squarespace has pros and cons if compared to designing from scratch or using other (often more complex) tools such as WordPress


  • Faster and therefore more cost effective

  • Full content management system that makes it easy for the website owner to edit text and images themselves once the site is built

  • Beautifully design templates that will make your website look stunning and expensive

  • Fully mobile responsive templates which means your site will look great on all devices

  • Stable, reliable platform used for thousands of website around the world

  • Built in SEO features

  • Easy connection to your custom domain

  • Ability to add custom HTML and CSS code which means you can create fully customised and unique looking pages (just takes a bit more time and skill)



  • Some limitations to what can be achieve in terms or design and functionality (though the ability to add custom code to any template means a lot is possible)

  • Some limitations to SEO capabilities (however, this is only in regards to advanced optimisations which most small business don't need / do anyway)

  • While all templates are mobile responsive, it does require a bit of tweaking sometimes to make sure the site really does look great (something that's easily done if you know what you're looking for)