My point of difference is my all-round marketing and strategy experience and expertise. I have held several senior marketing roles within SMEs and Startups that required me to be both, the strategic thinker as well as the executer. Being part of small marketing teams means I have gained extensive experience and knowledge of the whole range of marketing activities. Having been in senior leadership roles more recently, means I have a good grasp on business strategy and what it take to make a business successful. 


I have conducted comprehensive brand review and re-branding projects and developed value propositions and messaging for several products based on market insights and company goals. I can help your business make minor tweaks or conduct full rebranding projects. 


Mentoring & Coaching 

Many small businesses and startups reply on junior marketing resources to be successful. However, these junior marketers often lack experience and confidence. My experience as well as my excellent interpersonal skills make me an ideal mentor and coach for these up and coming marketers. Additionally, I have coached business owners and managers who want to enhance their marketing skills and mindset to be better leaders and managers. 


RESEARCH & Analysis

I am experienced in conducting in-depth market research, analysis and hands on market validation to gain market insights that inform marketing and overall business strategies. This includes both primary and secondary research as well and quantitative and qualitative approaches. Whether you want to explore a new market or enhance your knowledge of your current markets, I can help you get the insights you need. 


Affordable Website

Do you need a (new) website? I can help with that. I've build a number of websites using Squarespace templates. Websites I built are beautiful, effective - and affordable. And I can also help develop the content and brand for your website. Learn more here.  






I have developed marketing plans and strategies for several businesses in alignment with overall business plans & budgets. This includes both overall strategies as well as more specific project strategies (e.g. digital, social media, campaign or event strategies).


Business Strategy

Having held senior roles in several businesses, I have an in-depth understanding of business strategy. My highly analytical and organized approach enables me to help businesses through reviews, refinements and execution of business strategy programmes including, general strategy and positioning, product-market-fit assessment, internal HR strategies though to full market pivots and more.  


COPY WRITING & Content Development

I have extensive experience writing and developing a range of content including general brochures, blog posts, white papers, presentations, articles, website copy, product descriptions, emails & newsletters and more. Articles I wrote have been published in local and international publications. Get in touch with me to request examples. 


Recruitment Support

I have managed the recruitment process for several marketing roles. I know that recruitment is time-consuming and often a distraction for the team. I can help overcome these challenges by providing support or managing the process for you - without taking any of the decisions away from you.  

Technical Skills and Capabilities


Being very analytical and data driven, I've advanced skills in a range of marketing tools and platforms. 

Given the wide range of tools I am already familiar with, I am confident I will be able to get up to speed with any additional tools your business is using very quickly.